Augmented search solutions

Compact indexing

Compact indexing builds index databases which are many times less than source databases.

Index database
Can be several orders of magnitude less than a source database

Advanced control

A user can control the search by selecting different search methods and criteria before carrying out the search and by adjusting search accuracy on the fly.

the search

Great Multitude of Images

Indexed database can contain hundreds of billons of images

Billions of images

High Performance Ranking

High-performance ranked image search by a pattern through building a result set of images depending on similarity rate

Ranking on the fly


Has any search engine ever given you the steering wheel to control the search?


Have you ever scrolled down to 10th, 100th or 1000th page of the search results returned to you by a search engine to see if there is any useful information there?


By visiting KBK Group website you will learn how you can control the search when applied to an image search and see how can you access the images on the nth page of the search results.


KBK Group develops and patents a user-friendly technology for search of identical and similar images in large databases stored on personal computers, in corporate networks and Internet.

The technology is based on a novel way of structuring data, new algorithms of image recognition, a proprietary search engine and a method of retrieving images from databases and Internet as well as on a client-server system that processes users’ queries.

The technology is currently being implemented as an image search system. Users can use a pattern of an image to find an identical image and/or similar images with the image search system, provided there are such images in indexed database. While searching for images, a user can opt for diverse methods of image recognition and set accuracy/inaccuracy of search at different levels of sensibility. It is also possible to search for source images even by patterns of images of poor quality or by fragments of images.

The services based on technology can be used by Internet surfers, news agencies and publishing houses, advertising agencies, social networks, developers of mobile applications, patent attorneys and national patent offices, by security companies, large museums and electronic archives, movie distributors and other owners of photo and image archives. These services become virtually a new way of searching the web.

A flagship technology that KBK Group develops and integrates with a practice of Internet search is represented by an image search system ImmenseLab that allows the users to search for identical and similar images in large databases with a user-controlled accuracy.

A prototype this Internet service that is based on KBK Group technologies is available on


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